Regal Jewellers - Bad Customer service, OWNER IS CROOKED, LOW quality

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I bought an engagement ring from regal jewelers.The salesman said he wanted CASH.

My banker said to bring a check if there is any problem call the bank. Sam (owner/salesman) got REALLY upset when I didn't bring cash and tried to charge me $500 more. Sam got upset bc" the taxes he will have to pay on it will be really high" ( I guess he was only going to claim part of the money I gave him?). When I picked up the ring I notice there was a big chip in the center stone.

I told Sam I was not happy with it, Sam said ...sorry. He didn't care to make me happy with the ring. Months later I gave my girlfriend the ring. She noticed the crack in it and was not happy.

We called Sam; he said he can replace it for $3500 more on top of the $9000 I already spent. We told Sam the ring was the wrong size.( my girlfriend and I both told him what size she wore) Sam said it's suppose to be loose, it's a thicker band(it was falling off her finger). We told Sam the diamonds seemed loose. Sam told us to bring it in and he will "fix" the loose diamond.

I put the rings in the safe until my girlfriend and I can my plans to make the 2 hour drive and work around my crazy work scheduled ( I work out of town a lot). My girlfriend and I drove to the store to get the diamonds fixed and to get the ring cleaned. Sam put the ring in the cleaner and confirmed the diamonds were loose but he could not fix them that day. Sam told us to come back in a few weeks.

So we drove home and put the rings back in the safe. A few weeks later we brought the rings to the store to have them "fixed" (we called Sam before we made drive) Sam told us again they couldn't fix the rings that day. We got a little upset (we didn't yell, we were claim) bc we drove 2 hour and they told us they can fix them. Sam took the rings in the back got some kind of tool or something and his jeweler pushed down on the diamonds and scratched the ring in many places.

He told us that the diamonds are still loose and there is a possibility the diamonds can fall out bc they are still loose. We told him that they scratched the ring in many places. He said that there's not enough gold they will put more gold on it. We asked when can the do it .

He told us to bring it back in about a month. We put the rings back in the safe. When we pulled out the rings weeks later we notice that the rings were turning yellow. We called the store to tell them the rings were turning yellow and we are driving to the store to have the ring fixed.

When we arrived, the store the neither jeweler nor Sam was there. So we showed the ring to the manager the ring. She told us that it was from soap. (the ring has been in the safe)(the ring was turning yellow bc they didn't put a seal on it to protect the white gold) The told the manager that day one we were not happy with this ring and we have gave them try after try to make it right.

We told the manager we just want a refund for this ring that has been seating in the safe for months. She said she could not give us the refund today bc the owner was not at the store. I told her I'll leave the ring at the store and Sam can send me a check. She said she wanted to call Sam before we left it at the store to make sure that was ok.

She didn't get a hold of him. She left a message to call her back. My girlfriend and I waited around for hours. We finally left when the store closed.

We called Sam to get a refund or fix the problem and he refuses to do either.I spent a bunch of money on a junky ring that continues to sit in my safe.

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